Pro Shop Services

Drill Blank Ball- $50.00

*** Drilled FREE if Ball was Purchased Here***

Plus Grips- $7.50

Plus Slug- $10.00


Resurface Ball- $30.00

Polish Ball- $10.00

Vise Ball IT- $15.00

Vise IT Slug- $25.00

Vise Ball IT w/Slug- $38.00

Plug Entire Ball- $20.00

Plug Weight Hole- $10.00

Plug Fingers or Thumb Only- $15.00

Plug and Redrill- $50.00

          ***Thumb or Fingers Only- $25.00

New Slug- $10.00

Grips (each)- $3.75

Custom Thumbs (for mold)- $20.00

           ***per slug- $10.00

Bowling Lane

All ball fitting is FREE, which includes thumb fitting

To order a service, Contact Us or Visit Us.

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Liquid Sandpaper
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Thumb Tape
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Skin Patch
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