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We cater to your bowling needs at our Bowling Pro Shop. We offer a wide variety of bowling balls, bowling shoes, bowling bags and bowling accessories. Free drilling for bowling balls purchased here.

Free Professional Fitting and Drilling with each Ball Sale - $40 Value


Ball Drilling
Pro Shop Service Prices
Drill Blank Ball $40.00 Plug Entire Ball $20.00
** Drilled Free if Ball Purchased Here ** Plug Fingers or Thumb Only $15.00
- Plus Grips $7.50 Plug and Redrill $50.00
- Plus Slug $10.00 - Thumb or Fingers Only $25.00
New Slug $10.00
Resurface Ball $30.00 Grips (ea) $3.75
Polish Ball $10.00 Custom Thumbs (for mold) $20.00
- Per Slug $10.00
All ball fitting is free, except for thumb fitting, which is an extra $5.00

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Bowling Accessories

Bowling Gloves
Ball Cleaners
Rosin Bags
Shoe Protectors
Puff Balls
Wrist Masters
Wrist Mates

Bowling Accessories

Liquid Sandpaper
Renew It
Thumb Tape
Protecting Tape
Skin Patch
Ball See-Saws

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